Saturday, December 04, 2010

Blink Two

Another week in internetry summed up in a single Blink.

Sierra Leone's Ministry of Agriculture has been an important partner for Children of the Nations of late (have a look at our website to see why) and now the UN has awarded the country for it's efforts in the area of food security.

These guys are locally known as ‘champion ants’. Note to self – blow don’t bash.

A documentary made by the Norwegian Refugee Council with the help of a Liberian student - "Another War: Violence Against Women in Liberia"

Some thoughts on the problems posed by Liberia’s infrastructure.

Really concerning news coming out of Ivory Coast.

World Aids Day was this week. Here is an article looking at some of the progress that is being made in different parts of the world - The State We're In.

The controversial information keeps spilling out from wikileaks and is being dissected all over the world. Here are this week's revelations.

Some thoughts on the whole thing from the editor of The Guardian.

I was interested by this response to some of the wikileaks from Saad Mohseni, the chairman of Moby Group, the largest media company in Afghanistan - "Afghan corruption is not just an Afghan domestic issue, it is also a U.S. domestic issue because it’s your money. Your tolerance of corruption in our country will raise questions back home in the United States public, the media and even Congress." The same comment could have been made by Nigerian officials this week as they point fingers at everyone’s favourite duck hunter, Dick Cheney.

Donald Miller makes sense on the trouble of the extreme.

Stocki on Arcade Fire, church and community.

And finally...

Christmas is coming so have a look here and here for some world changing ideas.

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