Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blink Three

And so we're back to the Blink - things from this week's internet worth sharing.

Really interesting article about the fraught issue of mining in Sierra Leone - After Diamonds.

An article about Sierra Leone’s Bush Wives.

Wikileaks reaches Freetown. Information about the 2008 drug bust which resulted in my team and I being summoned to the police station has been revealed in one of the infamous leaked cables.

Since about twenty dangerous prisoners escaped from Pademba Road prison in Freetown a few days ago the Director of the Sierra Leone Prisons Department has been sacked...and most of the offenders have been caught and find themselves right back where they started. Pademba Road prison is said to have been made to house 324 prisoners but had 1,292 locked up on the day of this jail break.

This gives hope to the idea that in the not too distant future I could maybe...just able to Skype you from Banta!

As refugees start to cross into Liberia from a tense Ivory Coast there have been concerns that a certain group of people may think about travelling in the other direction - Liberian Warlords.

The symptoms mentioned in this piece about bacterial meningitis in Africa make me wonder how often it is misdiagnosed as malaria. This report details a vaccination drive hoping to tame this ravaging illness.

Video telling the story of a Christian woman on death row in Pakistan. Her name is Aasiya Bibi.

And finally...

Anyone else tired of being a Christian?

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