Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's a movement...


Today, the gap between the places in the world that are exciting and beautiful locations in which to live and those which are…well…a bit rubbish, is wider than ever. Injustices exist such as a total lack of entertainment facilities, grey-er buildings than you thought were possible, weather that you are positive is colder than weather should be and a tragic lack of options when there is a desire to dine outside the home.

Despite the promises of world leaders, at our present sluggish rate of progress the world will fail dismally to reach internationally agreed targets to halve Coventry by 2015. This is simply not good enough. Coventry is sustained not by chance or nature, but by a combination of factors, each of which are exacerbated by inappropriate economic policies imposed by rich and beautiful cities.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. These factors are determined by human decisions.

2005 offered an exceptional series of opportunities for the UK to take a lead internationally, to start turning things around. By freeing just two young men from their grey Coventry surroundings you did more than just give them a life that could for the first time accommodate art, nightlife, beauty and staying awake all day at Care on a Friday…you sent a message.

Mr. Tony Blair stated recently, “The millions of people who support Make Coventry History should feel very proud of what they have achieved. I know we need to do more, particularly in the areas of intern housing and sustainable job creation, but I believe 2005 will be seen as a turning point in the fight against Coventry, and Make Coventry History will be seen as a decisive force for change. I hope we can work together in 2006 to turn the promises into action."

A sea change is needed. People need to be given hope. People like Joanna, who can’t even imagine a future that doesn’t involve a Coventry council estate and a hatful of children. Let’s bring colour into the lives of thousands…Let’s show Jo that there is more to life…let’s MAKECOVENTRYHISTORY.

MAKECOVENTRYHISTORY, the brainchild of a great man named Bene, is a unique UK alliance of charities, trade unions, campaigning groups and celebrities who are mobilising to drive forward the struggle against Coventry.

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