Saturday, March 05, 2011

Blink Nine

Stories from West Africa you may have missed...

Life in Sierra Leone's main prison - Pademba Road. (If you read this be sure to scroll down and take note of the comment by "Vallens" - an important criticism to be aware of.)

With the incredible events in North Africa and the world's news media rushing from one major incident to the next it is easy to forget the stories that once held our attention. The crisis in Ivory Coast rumbles on.

Sierra Leone is currently hosting the Mercy Ship's floating hospital, Africa Mercy.

Looking at all the children enrolled in Children of the Nation's residential care and village partnership programs in Sierra Leone, half of them are girls and young women. Here the chief economist from USAID talks about the importance of unleashing their power.

Here are two short films about the work of Italian NGO COOPI. With subtitles in Italian it is a chance to see just how good your krio is!

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