Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aradhna - "adoration"

I came across this band when I was working on all things Indian in London. With one member being born in India and the other growing up in South East Asia, they blend guitar with sitar and a love of bhajans - a classical form of devotional song in India. As they have released an album with accompanying music videos it is time to share!

"Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy
Those who are poor in this world
Blessed are they, blessed are they
For the kingdom of heaven is theirs
Those who make peace will be called the children of God - Sri Yeshu Ji"

Of the next video, the director says this:

The diya, or Indian oil lamp, a symbol of worship,is floated on the Ganges river early in the morning. The vastness and power of the swollen river is a reflection of God who created it.

Not far from this tranquil scene, just up from the river's edge, there is a deep well called the Lolark Kund whose stone steps form the shape of a cross.It remains closed, except for one day in the year.

On this day, thousands of married couples in their last hope to be granted a child by God,descend the steps together break their glass wedding bangles, throw off all visible signs of their marriage,and plunge five times into the claustrophobic waters. They emerge and remove the drenched and cursed clothing, changing into new clothes and climbing the steps with renewed hope.

This is worship. To be content, but to also weep with longing.

God embraces us in either case.

"Truth, we greet you.
In you the whole Universe is held together
One without second, we greet you
Your Great Liberation brings us loving oneness with you
As though no separation exists between us.

Oh Supreme One, we greet you
All pervading and eternal."

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