Thursday, February 10, 2011

GO on the mission...

I've gotten really lucky over the last few years. As teams and groups interning with Children of the Nations in Sierra Leone have come and gone I have met some really fantastic people and have more often than not had the genuine privilege of watching them fall in love with the family. It's always exciting to see what happens when those people head home and they share what they love with their friends and family, they sponsor kids, they package meals, they host fund-raisers, they volunteer and occasionally they plan another trip.

This year we are going to have two teams led by people who interned last year, two teams led by team members from last year and the year before, and a consultant who first came with a team about two years ago. Oh, and we'll also have a team led by a returning leader from last year and another led by someone who came with a team about 2 and a half years ago. I'm telling you, it's that kind of place.

Last spring I got even more lucky than usual when I got to share an intern team with Uncle Muche and Aunty Short. Having gotten engaged shortly before they came, the trip was a really special time for both of them. They got married in the autumn and dates of trips actually paid off for me for once and I made it to their wonderful, TOMS sponsored nuptials...although I did turn up late...something you don't want to do at an American wedding (blink and you miss most of them!). I was really excited to hear that they were planning on leading a team this December and even more so when I saw this little video they have made to encourage people to join them.

Muche, Pato awaits. Short, go and zumba the life in to the place again.

The rest of you? Check out Children of the Nations and go on the mission yourself...


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