Monday, January 03, 2011

Second Homesick

I am not exactly sure what it is specifically but at the moment I find myself missing Sierra Leone. A lot. This may seem weird since for the first time in a long time I am at home with all the members of my family but it is never the desire to be away that pokes from somewhere beneath my skin, rather it is a longing to be there too.

Part of this has perhaps been caused by a framed picture I gave my parents as a bonus Christmas gift. Taken by a summer intern I inventively dubbed 'Scotland' it has for quite a while now sat to the right of this blog and shows Akey holding her days old son, Jack. She looks down at him affectionately as he looks up at her and the angle of her face somehow accentuates the beauty that runs in her family. It is a gorgeous photograph which illustrates a story and a life very dear to my heart.

Jack’s name was given as a way of honouring me but also serves as an invitation to a kind of familial connection. It is these kinds of connections which inspire me and excite me about the role I currently play in the ministry of Children of the Nations. It is these kinds of connections which see impatience beginning to creep in to my wait for another day in Africa.

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