Monday, January 24, 2011

Blink Five

Back for a blink - some of the best of the web relating to Sierra Leone, Liberia and issues of poverty.

The development story of the day is the launch of Save The Children's "No Child Born to Die" campaign and the money that is needed for a comprehensive pneumonia immunisation program.

The UN states that over 30,000 Ivorians have taken refuge in Liberia since the political crisis in their country - "Liberians, once refugees themselves, aid those fleeing Ivory Coast".

Transparency International's interactive take on world corruption with dishonourable mentions for Liberia and Sierra Leone.

A change in the way we look at global poverty - the Bottom Billion.

Story of a scottish doctor who spent time working in Serabu, Sierra Leone, our nearest hospital - Green Oranges on Lion Mountain.

And finally - the BBC in all of its investigative journalism glory. When trying to uncover the truth behind a complicated issue like the impact of the mining industry on a small West African country, only one source of information seems required - the mining company concerned. Hmm...

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