Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fourth, Morning Mocha

Step 1:

Wake up to an African children's choir. This can be energetic and soulful. If a less vocally talented kid is asked to lead it can also be energetic and awful...but in a cute way.

Step 2:

Untuck mosquito net and crawl out of bed. Shorts, shirt, flip flops...ready.

Step 3:

Greet anyone you may see in or around the house.

"Good morning."

"Good morning. How did you sleep?"

"Fine. And you?"

"I say thanks to God."

Step 4:

Take plastic, purple mug. Scoop in one teaspoon of Nescafe instant goodness.

Step 5:

Open tin of milk powder. If tin is empty find Nancy who might let you in to the store eventually... Scoop two heaped teaspoons of milk powder in to purple mug.

Step 6:

Open sugar. Allow sugar ants to disperse. Silently grumble about the person who didn't close the sugar properly allowing the sugar ants excited access. Drop two sugar cubes in to purple mug.

Step 7:

Open cocoa powder. Scoop one teaspoon of cocoa in to purple mug.

Step 8:

Add hot water from the flask to purple mug half full of powder. Stir. Continue to stir.

Step 9:

Bring purple mug of mocha magnificence out on to veranda and sit in the cool(er) morning air. Watch this little world go by. Greet the farmers as they go past. "Buwaa". Greet the kids as they bustle around doing their morning chores. "Morning Uncle!" Greet the little groups of Mogborians who pass by on their way to school with their little green uniforms and their little black plastic bags which might have a worn out copy book, a pencil and probably a razor blade* inside. "Kahuin ye na?"

*The razor blade is for sharpening the pencil. And may have already been used to give a boy a haircut.

Step 10:

Repeat process during cool of evening.

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