Friday, October 16, 2009

Glory in the Highest

At the urging of my mother I watched William Crowley’s ‘Losing My Religion’ documentary and the bit that caused me to hit pause on BBC iPlayer and double click on Microsoft Word was when an astronomy buff suggested that the Genesis idea of this colossal universe being made for our benefit didn’t make any sense. I guess some might respond that this man’s disbelief stems from his failure to understand how much God loves him. But Ben knows different. Why might the universe be as huge and vast as telescopes and space missions have shown us? It shows us the vast greatness of the God who created it, like a work of art shows the skill and creative talent of its artist.

It’s all about the glory of God.

The stars show God’s love for us because we are able to enjoy them and because they point us to their sculptor. But to think of the universe as being all about humanity, all for our benefit, is to miss a point. It is to miss the fact that it is all about God. When Crawley suggests that the language with which this man talks about the galaxies and constellations he wonders at through this telescope sounds religious in tone, he responds neatly, “It is enthusiastic language. I am extremely impressed by the extreme scale and majesty of it all but I don’t have to evoke a God to explain it.” I have yet to be shown an explanation of time’s beginning without someone to spark the fires into life that made any sense to me rationally or took any less ‘faith’ to believe in than Genesis. For me the night sky has always reached out with its wonder and underlined the signature in the corner. Because it’s all about the glory of God.

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