Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures from West Africa

1. A village we worked in this summer, Woonde.
2. Eating cassava and rice at the party we held in the village of Senehum.
3. A photo from camp with Andy one of our American interns, Quami the intern coordinator and Gee T. Payto...intern and camp Igway (Chief).
4. Khadija, one of the kids from our home, walking through the water to Senehum.
5. Teaching Prep 4 at Summer School. That days class was all about the letter J. Good educational times.
6. One of our interns, Sam, with members of the Mogborie village church she worked with as they listen to a solar powered audio bible in mende - people don't really read the language so this is even better than getting the bible translated. Two of our home kids Adamsay and Abibatu look on.
7. Walking through the jungle. No big deal.
8. The only way to get to some villages is in canoes like this one. This river winds its way through Banta.
9. What? You don't think it was important to spread the gospel of limbo to Banta? Shows how much you know. A much loved game we used during our kids outreach in Ngolala.
Just a random assortment of pictures that will hopefully help illustrate a few of the thoughts I have typed on here. I make my way back to Banta early in the morning after my Freetown time off...and I'm very excited about it too...


Scott & Laura said...

Marky Mark!!
We miss you SO much already!! Great blog, we're so happy to be able to read about you and our beautiful Sierra Leone for the whole year. Keep up the great work -- your supporters are loving it, I'm sure. Hope all is well and that Freetown was relaxing ... we're praying for you and thinking about you all the time. And no worries, Scott has already gone through his 15,000 photos and narrowed them down a bit! Slowly but surely! We'll call soon!

Sarah Saunier said...

I love the pictures. It is fun seeing pictures from Banta. I hope that all is well.

Mandy hamilton said...

Hey Mark, goodness you can write long blogs! Just kiddin, its great to hear about your life in sierra leone and how you have been blessed in different ways to what you expected. I`m sure your time is flying in. Will be keeping an eye on your site and keeping you in prayer.
Mandy H

mandy said...

oops mark you may have thought you are v popular and received like 4 comments but its just me being a dufus and not understanding this thing and i need your approval!!!
mandy (dufus)

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